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The worst complaints are electrical, engine, and accessories - interior problems. After the car has been running for a while and has warmed up, the security, battery and check engine light flashes in the dashboard, the radio locks and the headlights flash. There' s also this clicking sound that I hear in the car while all of this is going on. shift hard; Impala LS cruise light. Best Answer: The factory Theftlock system in your Impala' s radio works by identifying the vehicle through the data bus system. There' s no code that you can enter in this case. chevy impala displaying security, service vehicle soon, and battery light in message center and the radio says locked and sometimes it won' t start at all. i have to undo the positive battery post. Where is the fuse for the radio in a Chevy Malibu? \ nthere are 2 places fuses are located in cars under the dash and under the hood each lid has where each specific fuse is located. I have a Pontiac Grand Am – original code I had didn’ t work ( battery dead for extended period). Tried to do presets 2& 3 – nothing, still says LOC. This is the original radio.

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    Impala under warranty is. Chevrolet Impala Owner' s Manual. Setting the Radio Clock Radio/ Cassette Player/ CD Player. I would get a wet CD lens cleaner and clean at least 5 times because now the CD player is not working and has probably never been cleaned, I would assume. I had p1404 ( I have my own scanner and know cars pretty well) on my Impala LS and it passed all electrical tests ( it was getting proper voltage from the PCM and the battery) so I replaced the valve/ sensor assembly and cleared the codes. My Chevy Tahoe battery went out so when I put in a new One my radio shows nothing on the screen. Red light blinks and when I push min hr it quickly shows the time. I can also pull up the 6 digit code but nothing further than that. chevy malibu ( new body style only - verify this radio is the same style of radio as your current radio) CHEVY MALIBU OEMDELCO GM CHEVY AM/ FM/ CD RADIO CAPRICE IMPALA Camaro S10 BLAZER. Your path: TSB Home > > > > Chevrolet > > Chevrolet Impala The following TSB( s) may apply to your Chevrolet Impala.

    The source of the information below is the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration ( NHTSA), which maintains TSBs for vehicles sold in the United States. Unlocking a Chevy radio is done by extracting certain information from the unit, and then using that information to find and input the unlock code. All of this can be done without any tools. does any ones chevy impala' s ignition key come out in the acc position? About how much on average is a tune up for an 04 chevy impala? I have separate climate control the passenger side fan makes a noise how much to fix. How to get the theft lock code for Chevrolet, Pontiac and GMC cars and trucks. This tutorial works with most cars fromthe demonstration is done on a Camaro / Firebird stereo, but is. There is not a code P1440 on the 01 impala, with either the 3. there is a code P1441 for both it is the EVAP system flow during system test which is most likly a bad seal on the gas cap. Chevy Impala Theft Relearn. Security Light Flashes on and off.

    Repair done prior = The ignition cylinder will turn but the engine wont start. C hevy Radio Unlock Code Why does my radio say LOC. I purchased an original Radio CD cassette player for the 03 Impala. I had the mechanic replace the radio and now it displays a message " LOCKED" The. got this code for the vent solinoid or evap canister. where are they located? my gas cap is fine and i disconnected the battery for 20 minutes and code is still there. car has 30 k on it with original fuel filter. possible known vaccuum leak somewhere? Might be located by the gas tank or engine. I have a Impala LS and recently, while I' m driving down the road, the headlights will flash ( just the headlights, not the parking lights or high- beams), the AC compressor cuts off, and the battery light will come on, all at the same time.

    Hello, I have an issue with the EGR valve on a 3. I get the dtc P0401code, insufficient flow. I replaced the EGR valve with a new Delphi, removed the throttle body and checked for blockages, both at the EGR side, including the EGR, tube and inside the manifold. Code B1001 after replacing BCM. I' ve never heard of a 30 minute relearn for an air bag module or radio. On my Chevy Impala " Calibration Error" on the radio screen shows for about 15 seconds after I turn rhe switch to - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Reset Chevy Impala warning lights and more through the RDS ( Radio Data System). NWA Carfinder, Inc located at S. Thompson in Springdale, AR buys, sells, and trades pre- owned, used. As for the radio, do a search on eBay/ car electronics for radio codes. There' s listings from places that will sell you the codes. Also, in the tools section there' s listings to purchase a by- pass for GM pass- key systems, so you don' t have this starting problem in the future.

    Been driving around for a month in our big fancy Chevy " living room on wheels, worse gas mileage than a Hummer" customized van all bummed out because the stereo had a constant whirring noise and displayed a Check CD message at all times. This radio code is not required, unless the radio is removed from the vehicle, or the vehicles battery is disconnected. General Motors RDS radios are quite different from most other manufacturers, as GM allows you to enter your own code. For those of you who need more power there is the JET Power Control Unit. A number of people have been talking about getting one, but Ray was the first to install one and provide me the inside scoop. Does the rear door of your or Impala feels like it is " stuck" if it hasn' t been opened for several days? This is caused by the rear door header lip seal sticking to the body or molding in the door opening. General Motors radios are quite different from most other manufacturers, as GM allows you to enter your own code. This preliminary information communication provides information to the technician on how to unlock radios that are delco theftlock. technician will use the radio to get the scrambled code.

    technician will need to contact the radio unlock ce. Electrical System Problem on the CHEVROLET IMPALA. Car problem( s) with the CHEVROLET IMPALA. This database includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle Safety Hotline. Best Answer: there is a tsb on this make some noise at your dealer and give them the tsb # s and say fix it if they dont. write the company and complain two times a week or more and they will respond. call and tell them about the tsbs and you want it fixed now. SOURCE: chevy impala code p0446 This is an indication of a fault with fuel evaporative control system. The system consists of vapour coming off from ' sealed' ( always check that your gas cap is on good and tight after refills) fuel in the tank being trapped in a carbon filled canister or trap. This code indicates that the VTD password that the PCM has learned does not agree with the password being received from the theft deterrent system.