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After a few cycles, the programmer asked for the VIN number even those this programmer has been previously locked and used on this vehicle. Will the hypertech power programmer 3 add a noticeable power gain for a ls1 camaro? Hypertech Power Programmer 3 vs. Superchips Programmer? Chevy Z71 hypertech power programmer 3 manual. Reinstalling my programmer today and this comes up on the screen, Error6D. What has happened with it? Hypertech tuning is Emission legal in all 50 states The DPF is designed to capture diesel exhaust gas particulate, or soot, from the exhaust gas stream. The filter uses a system of porous chambers to trap the particulate, while the clean exhaust gas exits the filter. I picked up a Hypertech Max Energy from my lift dealer and I wanted to confirm the settings on it but when I hook it up to the port, I keep getting a code.

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    Programmer hypertech error

    The Power Programmer for Ford 4. 8L trucks and SUVs is legal for sale or use on California pollution- controlled motor vehicles according to the CARB Executive Order process. Once hooked up, the Hypertech Max Energy Programmer needs only a few minutes to fine- tune your auto Hypertech Max Energy Programmers bring all of your vital stats to the palm of your hand Easily navigate and control settings and tunes with just four buttons on the front of your Max Energy Programmer. The 093 means that the programmer is married to another truck. The same thing happened to me i called hypertech and they said nothing could be done but send it in to them and they would reflash the memory for $ 200. Here is a procedure unlock your Hypertech programmer. This for educational purposes only. The fix does not work for everybody. Read the comments below. If you can' t afford to waste the money don' t. About Hypertech Power Programmer Agonizing over your dilapidated passenger car or truck is not very amusing. Hypertech Power programmers are reliable, durable, and a compelling option to improve your passenger car or truck with the appropriate parts and accessories.

    Superchips offers the world' s best- selling lineup of performance programmers and tuners for both gas and diesel trucks as well as Jeep® Wrangler. called " tire- height" on the hypertech programmer) or use ( 8. 1 / Revs- per- mile) = " tire- height" For my tires this gave an accurate result equal to the tire- height that I measured by rolling the car one tire revolution. SECTION 1: PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS Set the parking brake and turn the key to the RUN position but DO NOT start the engine. Connect one ( 1) end of the provided cable to the programmer. Hypertech Error Code 60 Hypertech' s engineers have cracked the code to bring their award winning, high 0- 60 mph Electronic Throttle Restriction, Read and Clear. just picked up one of these used. as soon as i turn it on goes thru the intro, then says code 76 and for me to call hypertech. does anyone know what this means. hypertech is closed today, if you have any info, post it. It' s and 03 just like mine but his is a 4.

    It come on and showed my vin number and model truck and then my motor. It let me do all the programming then it programmed the computer and then told me code 85 restart and try again. On initial installation, the Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator reads out the VIN and calibration ID from the PCM for the sole purpose of marrying the programmer to the vehicle. It does not modify the PCM calibration at all. A Hypertech power programmer is a tool that interfaces with the PCM ( powertrain control module) or computer in your car. It uses the OBD2 ( onboard diagnostic- second generation) port on your vehicle to change. The Advance Auto Parts core charge presented to you online today with your item is representative of the most common core charge. If you have any questions, please callADVANCEor visit any Advance Auto Parts store. As a company who has now been selling for over ten years, we have heard of the fair share of error codes showing up on tuners and helped our customers troubleshoot. I went to put my truck back to stock and the programmer said " code 24 corrupt flash memory call hypertech" What am I suppose to do? My stock program is in the programmer! Is the programmer bad or is it my truck: confused:. Best Answer: Hi Chris that question has no answer until a garage of the make has tried it with there diagnostic tester.

    why because these after market scan tester do not have the diagnostic software for every make of car a toyota especially has some strange problems which these tester have no idea about. I called Hypertech ( twice) yesterday and was told that ERROR CODE 6E means the programmer is getting interference, which is usually caused by something being plugged into a cigarette lighter or an aftermarket stereo amplifier. If you purchased a used Hypertech programmer and the previous owner did not restore the car to the factory settings, you cannot use the Hypertech chip without resetting it. Unfortunately, if you do not have access to the original car the programmer locked to, you cannot easily reset your programmer. Hypertech' s Max Energy Programmer allows you to set engine cooling fan on/ off settings, set top- speed limiter, engine RPM " Rev" limiter and even transmission shift points and firmness. Hypertech' s Corvette Max Energy Programmers also allow you to return to stock settings or change settings anytime. I have a hypertech programmer for achevy 6. But I drive a Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins 5. I heard that you can reset the setting or VIN number or something to change the programmer to work on my dodge. Bought a used Hypertech programmer & get a Code 91.

    I know now the previous owner didn' t return it to the stock program. Hypertech says they can' t or won' t help me. The hypertech is the best programmer i have used by far. It does more than the competitors using regular fuel. But the lifetime warranty is not true because mine broke somehow and i had ro buy anotherd 1. Hypertech programmer problems Well i decided to return that truck back to stock and put the programmer on myflat bed. When i tried to return my 02 back to stock i had all sorts of problems and the programmer basically said that my computer is unresponsive. I installed a Hypertech power programmer last night ( Max Energy) and when it ran the DTC search it came up with a P0101 code. I cleared the code and finishe. I just got my hypertech power programmer111 on ebay from a guy that said he only used it once. I tried to program my ' 99 4. 8l xtreme and it gave me a code 6 after searching it' s memory. It instructed me to turn of programmer and try again and if it happened again to call tech support. I have a GM sierra 1500 with a 5. 3L and purchased a hypertech tuner when I bought my truck a few years ago at the time I had no problems but when I went.