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You can also put a number of one- touch destinations in one group and register them as a group. What do the messages " NG" or " Poor Line. ( provided the information was entered in the sending fax machine), duration, the number. If the error message is still. If You Cannot Send a Fax ( MF8580Cdw/ MF8280Cw) ID:. Is an Error Code # 018 Shown on the TX ERROR. The fax number you dialed is busy. Try sending the document. INFORMATION APPEARING IN THE RESULT COLUMN. specified sub- address for an F- code memory box does not exist. error number: Error code from. · Check the recipient' s fax/ telephone number,. When the error message with the support code is displayed, refer to Support Code List. No pause was included in the telephone number when sending a fax overseas.

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    Action1 Insert a pause after the country code, or after the fax number of the recipient, and then dial the number again. Make sure your full 10- digit fax number is in the header, and that it matches the number of the phone line connected to the fax. Remove conflicting phone line services : Services such as voice mail, call waiting, anonymous call rejection, privacy manager, and caller ID can interfere with incoming faxes. Time- out on the HDLC ( High Level Data Link Control) buffer. If the HDLC buffer finishes due to a line drop and loss of data, the system will wait for the message to finish to resynch and retransmit data to the receiver. What do the fax error. or error code helps the bulk Fax Service determine whether or not the number. We' ve compiled a list of current Fax Error Codes. MULTIFUNCTIONAL DIGITAL SYSTEMS Operator’ s Manual. this number must be provided to the telephone company. DO NOT dial the area code digit or the ' 0' prefix. When dialing the fax number add some pauses to the end of the number to permit your machine more time for the other party to answer the call and output the fax handshaking. Home Solutions Forums. Explanation of fax error codes Modified on: Tue, Sep 18,. Unknown country code Check fax number and resubmit,.

    Printing Reports and Lists ( MF8580Cdw. Printing Reports and Lists ( MF8580Cdw/ MF8280Cw). was completed successfully while " NG" and three digits ( an error code). The four digit number, that is automatically assigned when the document is accepted for receiving, is printed. DESTINATION ADDRESS The fax number of the sender is printed, up to the first 48 digits. HTML5 constraint validation and allowInvalid. In browsers that follow the HTML5 specification, input[ number] does not work as expected with ngModelOptions. When an Error Code Appears. A fax could not be sent because the specified destination fax number exceeded 40 digits. Specify the destination fax number within 40. 39; NG' in the Result field indicates there was a problem sending the fax. - If ' NG' appears with many of your sent faxes, go to STEP 8. - If ' NG' only appears with specific fax numbers, the problem may be related to those particular fax numbers. The fax history shows a Resulting fax status code. Both the first and second sets of numbers are gathered by the Brooktrout API to report on the call progress ( reflected in the first set of numbers before the.

    List of Error Messages ( Error Codes without. or the maximum number of files that can be saved in. Erase documents stored in the Mail Box and the Fax/ I- Fax. The maximum number of text lines for receiving an I- fax has been exceeded. Remedy Ask the sender to reduce the amount of text data in the body of the document, and then resend the data. When I send a fax I get a function result: NG # 0018 Busy/ No Signal The. The phone numbe is the correct fax number. & get back " ng" error code 59= = how do I. Nigeria Fax Number Service, Fax Number Service from Nigeria Supplier - Find Variety Fax Number Service from cnc service, laser cutting service shenzhen, laser cutting. NG result Sometimes I recieve this result on a fax TX FUNCTION WAS NOT COMPLETE. fax was never received for a number of reasons. OUTGOING FAX ERROR CODE: NG.

    Fax Error Codes and Recommendations for the X64x,. A fax error code may provide the necessary information to resolve a fax issue. enter the number 1*. An optional product is required to use the Fax function. Also, if you are using the imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3320, an optional product is required to use the Scan and Send function. A fax might be in memory because it is waiting to redial a busy number, there are other jobs ahead of it waiting to be sent, or the fax is set up for a delayed send. If a fax job is in memory for any of these reasons, an entry for the job appears in the fax log. NG in the Result field indicates there was a problem sending the fax. If NG is listed on the report with a variety of transmitted faxes ( TX in comment field) continue to STEP 4. If NG is listed on the report with specific fax numbers only, the problem may be related to those particular fax numbers. · The message " Poor Line Condition" or " NG" appears on the Transmission. the fax number or. If the error message is still appearing on the. You can check the error code on the. See the table below for individual error codes.

    Insert a pause after the country code, or after the fax number of. In systems software. Exit status is the return code of computer programs running as processes, and is communicated through system calls. In networking software. Network protocols typically support returning status codes. View and Download Canon G3 error code list online. G3 Fax Machine pdf. Service Error Codes # # 280 [ TX ] The number of re- transmissions of the procedure signal has. Top Page > Monitoring and Configuring the Machine > Printing a Report for Checking the Machine' s Settings, Status, and Communication Log > Communication Result Report Fax results by memory transmission are displayed. E- Mail/ I- Fax Cannot Be Sent with the Error Code < # 0802> Printed in the Report. Last Updated : 16- Dec- Issue Number :. successfully and the error code # 0802. The fax could not be sent to some of the specified recipients.

    Print a fax log to check which recipients failed to receive the fax. If the Save Failure Data setting is turned on, you can resend a fax from Job Monitor in the Status Menu. Строк: 21 · Network Fax Error Code. Transmission system error code;. Reduce the number of. Home Troubleshooting G3 Fax Error Code. If the machine encounters a problem while sending a G3 fax, an error dialog will. Check that the fax number registered. If an error occurs when you receive a fax, the error number is printed on RX REPORT ( there are some errors for which the cause is also printed). ECM must be enabled on both the machine and the other fax device because error checks are performed. access code or the fax number. If the code or the number. Check that the network fax settings are correct. Verify that the cables and cords are securely connected and that there is no network failure.

    Turn the Main Power Switch off and back on and then resend the fax. Add your fax number in the fax header: The service uses the header number to send the confirmation fax. and look up fax error code definitions and solutions. What does ' NG' mean on the fax activity report When trying to send a fax it does not go through, I get ' NG' as the - Brother IntelliFAX 560 Plain Paper Fax question Search Fixya Press enter to search. Is a Fax Sent Using an Optical Fiber Line? When using an optical fiber line or IP phone line, the machine may not work correctly depending on the connection environment or connected devices. In such a case, contact the provider of the optical phone line or IP phone. Confirm that you’ re dialing the correct fax number and any access codes that might be. - When dialing the fax number add some. - Erase error documents or.