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P2401 trouble code definition P2401 is a OBD2 generic trouble code indicating a fault within the EVAP leak detection circuit. This code may be seen with other EVAP system codes. · Voici une liste des principaux codes ODBII référencés et convertis en code DTC Volvo: Colonne1 = Code ODBII. ECMMemory error RAM. Heated catalyst internal control module checksum / ROM error. Rolling Code Last But One Word in Flash Faulty P1659 EWS ( Electronic Immobilizer). P2401 Volvo Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection Pump Control Circuit Low Possible causes - Faulty Vacuum Pump Module- Vacuum Pump Module harness. P2402 is a code particular to your make of vehicle, also called a manufacturer specific code. The only thing I could find was a forum showing this code relating to Mazda vehicles, and it states that this code sometimes becomes erroneously set to indicate a leak with the evap system when you open the door at the wrong moments. · I am getting multiple codes on a xc70, P, P2401, P0448, P0445, P0245. I just recently had to have the - Answered by a verified Volvo Mechanic. pdf - Ebook download as PDF File. code model description. B0001 GM PCM Discrete Input Speed Signal Error.

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    DIAGNOSTIC TESTS > DTC P: OIL CONTROL VALVE ACTUATOR CIRCUIT - LOW INPUT > Detection Condition PCM monitors Oil Control Valve ( OCV) voltage. What the P2402 code means? P2402 is an OBD- II generic code for the engine control module ( ECM) detecting the evaporative system leak detection pump control circuit has a high voltage signal return. Call volvo north america on october 26, with no knowledge of our ownership, ( still havent received title to car). Response was - - no Warranty no assistance with this counter balance or any other issue beyond 4 year/ 50, 000 miles. vag com fault code list, error codes, trouble code, obdii, dtc, page 15. What is an OBD- II Trouble Code? Most Common Codes Within Range:. P2401 Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection Pump Control Circuit. Error code 2401 in Transmission MERCEDES- BENZ S- CLASS ( W220) S 400 CDI ( 220.

    128) » Solutions Guides Error codes Expert support Diagnosis. Trouble Code: Sample Definition *. Ford Ranger Edge 4. 0L ratio error: B1000, B1260, B1811, P0014. I have had issues for over a week now first problem check engine light not sure of the code but the mechanic said it was the spark plugs and vaccum leak hose ( which I knew about the hose). 00 later replaced all 6 plugs and hose. Now today on way to work I’ m getting that hesitation when in. P2401 P2406 → Lascia un. España OBD2 Codigos Error. Porsche, Renault, Rolls- Royce, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo. The OBDII fault code P0401 means that the engine computer has detected that the Exhaust Gas Recirculation ( EGR) system flow is insufficient. Read more how the EGR system works below. Hello, we have answers for your Volvo- related questions! Why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with.

    OP CODE DESCRIPTION ENGINE TIME OFP T1 T2 2AR- FE 2AZ- FE 2. P2401, P2401, and P2419. • If one or more of the above DTCs are present — Proceed to step 3. Volvo OBD2 specifieke foutcode lijst welke door OBD2 diagnoseapparatuur gevonden kunnen worden. · Website - co google play - gl/ HqgqiSOBDll - OBD2 - OBD check engine Cars fault codes Vehicle Inspection Device P0001 TO. Volvo DTC Codes; OBDII code : Volvo DTC code : Description: Type: P0016: ECM- 670C: Camshaft position inlet: High : P0016: ECM- 670D: Camshaft position inlet: Low : P0017. · Tools & Code Readers ;. XC90 T6 - EVAP Purge Valve Location. P2401 Volvo evaporative emission system leak detection pump control circuit low. This diagnostic trouble code ( DTC) is a generic powertrain code, which means that it applies to OBD- II equipped vehicles, including but not limited to Toyota, VW, Ford, Dodge, Honda, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Audi, Nissan, etc.

    Specific repair steps may vary depending on the model. P1494 code is a leak detection pump switch or mechanical fault, leak detection pump switch does not respond to input. The leak detection pump ( if equipped) is located under the air filter housing on models through. AutoCodes is the largest database of OBDII Codes Description and Repair Information. Our codes information will help you save money on unnecessary engine, transmission and abs codes repairs. P2401 OBD Code Definition: P2401 Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection Pump Control Circuit Low P2401 OBD Code Description: OBD Code P2401 Evaporative. Volvo Vida Dice Fault Codes List. here is the list of 2180 possible error codes on our Volvo Vida readable alphabetically. OBDII to Volvo Code Conversion. The code is gone and car has passed inspection. The ECM just needed to run for a while to sync with all of the computers. The one new code for Tstat/ TCM was addressed by replacing the Tstat assembly. P2401 Pompa controllo perdita. mercedes fault code p0101 italiano p0030 mazda 6 p2456 codice volkswagen p2522 smart p3424 obd volvo problema rover sport codice. Today, a brand new Tundra with 711 miles showed up at the shop with a multitude of evaporative emissions diagnostic trouble codes.

    These trouble codes all relate to malfunctions in the evaporative control system, the emmissions control system that traps gasoline vapors and prevents them from being vented into the atmosphere. My check engine light came on and the fault code is P2402. Does this mean there is a vacum leak or is - Answered by a verified Volvo Mechanic. Then after that, the code lookup expanded from the OBD- II to include Volvo- specific codes that OBD- II readers cannot retrieve, although many overlap in meaning. To start, the Ignition key must be in position II, engine not running. Description - Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection Pump Control Circuit Low Said pump is behind the fuel tank. The code' s telling you that the pump is unable to maintain a vacuum in the tank. BMW M3 Diagnostic Pump Failed. Error Code: P2402 My M3 is out of warranty. This part was too easy to replace, I couldnt help but do it myself. 5 hours* after the ignition switch is turned OFF, the electric vacuum pump creates negative pressure ( vacuum) in the EVAP ( Evaporative Emission) system. The Engine Control Module ( ECM) monitors for leaks and actuator malfunctions based on the EVAP pressure. Unfortunately, you cannot use a generic code reader on any of these OBD- I cars: you have to manually extract the codes from the systems as noted below. 1996+ cars have the entirely different OBD- II system which requires a computerized code scanner to read codes through a special data link.

    · I see 4 error codes via my iCarsoft VOLII tester. P2401 Volvo evaporative emission system leak detection pump. Can your current code reader run a evap self test. Help us improve AutoCodes. Leave a comment below or tell us if the information above help you fix the code. What are the symptoms on your vehicle for the P2419 code? Have you replaced any parts? Volvo DTC Codes; OBDII code : Volvo DTC code : Description: Type: P0016:. Memory error RAM: Faulty signal : P0605:. P2401: ECM- 433D:. This tech article shows you how to replace your charcoal canister and. drove it for a few days and then P1434 joined the error code summary in.

    OTHER causes could be leaks on the Evap Lines and the Purge solenoid( on radiator shroud), but the most common is a cracked J hose which gives off a P0442 OBD2 code. If a crack is found, replace. You are about to download ATM Error Code Translator. P2200 P2201 TO P2300 P2301TO P2400 P2401 TO P2500 P2501 TO P2600 P2601 TO. Volvo - Kia - Lexus - Infinity. Descripción de código de diagnóstico OBDII/ EOBD. 000 códigos para todos automóviles. Descripción de código de falla P2401. Mercedes Benz fault codes, DTC, OBDii, trouble code, error. Looking for 1996 to 1998 Volvo Trouble Code Help?